Twilight Schools 2019

Twilight Schools 2019
Twilight Schools 2019 The Twilight School program at Kokomo High School is flexible and designed to help people earn a high school diploma. This program is open to all ages – with graduates, so far, as young as 18 and as old as 74. Courses are available in the evenings – 3 to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 3 to 6 p.m. Friday. With its individualized approach, the Twilight School has a high level of success. 
Since Twilight School began in 2012, more than 500 students in the program have earned Kokomo High School diplomas. Read the stories of Rhiannon Bowley, Mychael Cobbins, Adidas Mayfield, KayLynn Shaffer, and Skylor Sefton – five Kokomo High School graduates who earned their high school diplomas in 2019 through the Twilight School, and were eligible to walk across the stage at Memorial Gymnasium during Commencement Exercises in June.
The Twilight staff is waiting to help you graduate! For more information on this program, or to enroll in the Twilight School, contact Director Mike Susong at (765) 776-7123, or email him at

Rhiannon Bowley
During her sophomore year in high school, Rhiannon Bowley learned that a traditional classroom experience did not work for her. Rhiannon stopped attending classes, and quickly fell behind.
Rhiannon tested several alternative education programs, but did not find success with those programs either. 
“I had given up,” Rhiannon explained. “I thought I wasn’t going to graduate from high school.”
That’s when Kokomo High School Principal Angela Blessing and Twilight School Director Mike Susong approached Rhiannon and her family with another option… a more flexible pathway to graduation. Rhiannon enrolled in the Twilight School program during her junior year.
“The Twilight program gave me an opportunity to work at night and at my own pace,” Rhiannon noted. “Twilight School worked for me because I am able to focus better on my own.”
Rhiannon added that she owes some credit to Mr. Susong and her Twilight teacher Vanessa Marsh as well.  Both educators, Rhiannon explained, offered her the gentle push she needed when her motivation waned. 
“The Twilight staff is wonderful,” Rhiannon said. “They really want to see you graduate.”
With support from many Kokomo High School educators and administrators, Rhiannon finished her course work before graduation. Rhiannon added that it felt amazing to accept her Kokomo High School diploma during commencement exercises at Memorial Gym. 
“All those late nights working, and all the tears, were worth it,” Rhiannon said. “I have my own apartment now, and work full-time. I am accomplishing life goals. I want to enroll in college to study business, but no matter what I do I have my Kokomo High School diploma to lean on.”

Mychael Cobbins
Mychael Cobbins started falling behind in school at the beginning of her junior year following a death in her family. In her grief, Mychael lost her motivation to complete her course work.
Mr. Susong offered Mychael an opportunity to enroll in the Twilight School, which provided more individual support, as well as a quieter work space. Mychael thrived in the new environment.
Mychael regularly attended evening classes at Twilight School (inside Kokomo High School), where she slowly earned missing credits. 
“The work in Twilight is very independent,” Mychael noted. “That independence comes with responsibility, but it worked for me. I was able to focus, and I liked that I had a variety of teachers available to help me when I needed it. I would recommend Twilight to anyone who prefers to work at their own pace, and who needs a quieter setting, and smaller class sizes to succeed.”
Because of the Twilight School, Mychael graduated with her classmates in the Kokomo High School Class of 2019. Mychael was both excited and nervous on graduation day.
“It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders to know I have my Kokomo High School diploma,” Mychael concluded. “I am very proud of myself. I feel like I’ve done something good in my life.”

Adidas Mayfield
After Adidas Mayfield’s mentor moved, the high school student stopped caring about his classes. Adidas’s grades began to slip, and he fell further and further behind his peers. 
Mr. Susong realized that Twilight School was the best pathway to help Adidas graduate on time, so the Twilight Director worked with Adidas to develop a customized graduation plan. 
“I liked having the flexibility to make my own schedule,” Adidas explained. “I don’t like getting up early, so it was great being able to work at night.”
Adidas admitted that he wasn’t motivated when he first enrolled in the Twilight program, and he continued to ignore his work. After a few months, Twilight teacher Vanessa Marsh began working one-on-one with Adidas, and helped light a fire within him.
“I knew I had to take advantage of the help Miss Marsh was providing if I wanted to earn my high school diploma,” Adidas added. “I then began to focus on my education.”
Adidas finished his classes before graduation to achieve an important milestone; he became the first in his family to graduate from high school.
“I can’t describe the feeling of walking across the stage at Memorial Gym to accept my Kokomo High School diploma,” Adidas noted. “I fulfilled my grandma’s dream for me. It felt so good to make everyone so proud.”
Adidas realized he wouldn’t have made it to graduation day without the Twilight staff, especially Miss Marsh. 
“I owe all my thanks to Miss Marsh” Adidas said. “At graduation, I gave her a big hug because I know that moment would not have been possible without her.”
Adidas added that he would recommend Twilight to any adult looking to earn their Kokomo High School diploma.
“If you are willing to do the work, you can graduate through the Twilight program,” Adidas concluded. “If I can do it, anyone can. My Kokomo High School diploma already has opened so many doors for me!”

KayLynn Shaffer
KayLynn Shaffer considered Twilight teacher Vanessa Marsh to be her “school mom” – the person who guided her through her educational journey, while helping her navigate life as well.
KayLynn made the decision to enroll in the Twilight program when life threw her a curve ball. Her stepdad serves in the Army, and received the news that he was being stationed at Fort Carson. KayLynn wanted to stay in Kokomo to earn her high school diploma, so she moved in to take care of her grandpa while her parents moved to Colorado.
Choosing Twilight School is a decision KayLynn will never regret.
“Through Twilight School, I was able to take my time with my course work, and because of that, I really discovered who I am as a person,” KayLynn noted. “The Twilight program also taught me to love school.”
KayLynn appreciated the flexibility of the Twilight School, which allowed her to work from home on days when she really missed her family and was feeling sad. KayLynn attended Twilight classes as often as she could, though, because she enjoyed the support her teachers provided.
“I did better at math in my Twilight classes than I have at any other point in my life because Miss Marsh was right there to help me when I needed it,” KayLynn noted. “The teachers in Twilight really care about you. I love having those one-on-one relationships.”
After completing her classes, KayLynn was very excited to walk across stage at Memorial Gym to accept her Kokomo High School diploma. Graduation was a day of celebration, especially since KayLynn’s mom and stepdad were able to drive through the night to be there for her special day.
“Graduation day was the best day of my life!” KayLynn said.
KayLynn currently works full-time at a factory, cares for her grandfather, and is enrolled in classes at Ivy Tech Community College. KayLynn hopes to become a physical therapist. 
“I hope my experience in college is as great as my experience at Twilight School,” KayLynn concluded. 

Skylor Sefton
Skylor Sefton enrolled in the Twilight School when she realized that it might be the only way for her to graduate on time.
“I was struggling in school, and wasn’t on track to graduate with the rest of my class,” Skylor noted.  “I loved the Twilight School; it is especially helpful for people, like me, who have trouble focusing, or being at school on time.”
The flexibility of the Twilight program allowed Skylor to sleep later in the mornings, complete her school work in the early evening, and work at her job at night. Skylor completed most of her courses on her own, but she attended Twilight classes every evening to take her tests. Skylor earned her credits, and graduated with her classmates in the KHS Class of 2019.  
“When I walked across the stage at graduation, I was so relieved,” Skylor said. “I couldn’t have done it without Mr. Susong and Miss Marsh; they helped me with everything. Now, I am about to start classes at Ivy Tech to earn a nursing degree. “I’m so excited for college!”
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