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Shinichi Suzuki

SUZUKI VIOLIN METHOD is known for a SLOW beginning, but well acclaimed because of the QUICK Musical Results from this method in the last 40 years from Japan to America.  It was originally designed by Mr. Suzuki to help teach character. Technique is taught and reviewed from the beginning, and ALL songs learned become technique practice and review. 

The lessons here are NOT private lessons at this time.  They are a group beginning lesson with 16 – 25 students in the room together each day.  Students are receiving violin instruction 4 days per week, and keyboard instruction 4 days per week. 



1. SAFETY – for yourself and students in handling violin boxes & practice bows.

2. SAFETY – for the INSTRUMENTS themselves

3. SKILLS – not perfection, but the demonstration of, violin stance, handling basic bowing and   performance position.

4. COOPERATION – As a group are we following directions?


APPROXIMATE SCHEDULE (subject to change if the above criterion are in jeopardy)

New Students will begin playing the violin in proper position:

5th Grade: by last week of August

4th Grade: by last week of August

3rd Grade: 1st week of September

2nd Grade: 2nd week of September

1st Grade: 3rd week of September 

Kindergarten: last week of September



25 minute segment, 4 times weekly: 

1.    First 5 minutes sight reading with notes & staff

2.    Group violin playing and practicing

3.    Last 5 minutes: Ending Song and/or music game